If you look at the price of an acre of land in different areas of the country, you discover land prices vary based on many different factors, ranging from soil and terrain types to access and location. Mark Twain’s famous quote—”Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”—may be fitting, but cheap land for sale is usually cheap for a reason. A ten-acre lot in the Texas Hill Country versus the same ten acres in the New Mexico desert are, obviously, two very different offers.

Land buyers should inform themselves to understand the actual value of an acre of land, including sales information about the similar properties that have sold in the area to determine what the market is currently paying.

Some distinctive features will determine whether a specific lot of land is cheaper or more expensive. Land that is already developed with an existing home or residential infrastructure for water, sewage, and power will hold a higher price-per-acre value than an undeveloped plot of land for sale in the same area. Likewise, property with revenue-generating potential from farming, logging or hunting leases will reflect that in its cost-per-acre sticker price.

Different Types of Land for Different Prices

Land for sale in the southern states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Missouri is currently the cheapest based on the collective value of all property listed for sale in these states. Given the more rural nature of these states and prevalence of undeveloped land and acreage for farming and hunting, these areas offer the most listings of cheap land for sale.

When looking at specific land uses such as residential property (including ranches and other recreational uses), the cheapest land for sale is in Sun Belt states such as Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. Of course, the most inexpensive land for sale in these states is not found around booming cities such as Albuquerque or Phoenix, but in the more remote areas of the Desert Southwest where land may be abundant and cheap but also further from jobs, amenities, and essentials like water and sewage access!

Likewise, the cheapest hunting land in the nation sits in West Texas counties like Brewster and Terrell, where the opportunity to hunt big game and big bucks is tougher by the fact that you are in some of the country’s wildest surroundings.

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