It is no secret that farmland prices have boomed over the last decade. Many farmers and outside investors have bought and continue to buy farmland for sale to cushion their investment portfolios. Despite the decreasing product values of the last year, several economists remain optimistic about buying farmland for sale as a long-term investment.

With a world population that is expected to grow from 7 billion to 9 billion by the year 2050 and the projected suitable land to decrease gradually in the same time span, the instance for farmland investment is a good one.

Various factors are contributing to the appeal of quality farmland. With the increase in population, rising incomes will add to higher meat consumption. Increasing livestock consumption generates a demand for grain and water, so farmers worldwide will grow to the need by putting out more crops and farming more acres. Another driver of the farmland market boom is the request for biofuels, such as ethanol.

While outside investors continue to be confident about quality farmland, others emphasize the need and use caution before diving headfirst into the farmland market. While land values have climbed dramatically over the last decade, they are set to level off as product prices do the same.

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